The WATER is BACK … and so are we!

After early four months of a greatly reduced Presa Allende – during which time it was impossible to launch boats from the boathouse – the water is back almost to the level it was in March of this year! 

Our calendar for September begins on the 16th. for a quiet Full Moon Paddle after the Mexican Independence festivities. We hope you will join us on 24th. for a Water Healing Ceremony and Sunset Paddle. The ceremony will be an opportunity to welcome the ‘new’ water and renew our promise to care for it. And appropriately, we hope you will join us earlier on the 24th for our monthly Shoreline Cleanup. Returning this month is the popular Early Morning Paddle and Brunch on the 22nd. with the brunch being at the new La Abastera Nacional near the Immigration offices. Finally, please mark Saturday the 17th down as Boathouse and Boatyard clean-up! With many hands, we will beautify the boatyard and clean all the boats! 

We look forward to seeing you on the water!


In addition to cleaning the Boathouse and yard on the 16th., we hope you’ll come out for the monthly Shoreline Cleanup on the 24th. The Shoreline Cleanup only takes one and a half hours, but with many hands picking up trash, the place looks beautiful after!

Please note that the Environmental Executive Committee will be meeting in late September to renew the Amigos environmental efforts and activities. The members of the Committee are always in need of people who want to do something for the environment … and there are many choices!

** Please drop a note to to learn how you may get involved. **


As part of the 3rd Annual International Peace Festival in San Miguel, Amigos will have a booth on September 21, from noon to 4:30 in Parque Juárez. A few volunteers are needed to meet and greet visitors at the table. Please indicate your willingness to volunteer by writing to 



Send an email to
and DON’T FORGET to include your name, phone number and # of people.

* Remember kayak rentals are $150 pesos