DIRECTIONS to the Amigos Boathouse & Yard …. from El Centro:

Starting from the Jardin in El Centro, follow Canal straight out of town (it changes its name, but no mind) pass the bus station, pass Immigration (both on the left).

Cross the railroad tracks and follow the signs to Otomi. (Go straight ahead on the cobblestone road not the paved road to the right).

Follow for about 2 miles. When the cobbles turn to dirt (at the entrance of Otomi) … you’re almost there.

Follow the dirt road to the end of the fence and arrive at the boathouse and yard on the right.



How to prepare for your paddle

It is difficult to predict weather conditions, but generally, it is suggested that clothing be loose fitting similar to any other outdoor exercise/activity. For example, tight jeans will be uncomfortable. Pants that will dry quickly work, but most paddlers wear shorts. On top, layers are suggested. If you are paddling on a warm day, you want light clothing on top, but if it is cloudy or during an evening paddle, it is good to have a sweatshirt or something similar to layer for warmth. Wearing or carrying a hat is a good idea. Don’t forget to take along a bottle of water!
You should know that each paddler is expected to wear a PFD (Personal Floatation Device), or if you are a strong swimmer, you may carry the PFD on your kayak.
If you wish to change, there is a space (a small trailer) at the boathouse where you can change from street clothes to paddling clothes. Also, you may lock your valuable inside the boathouse, if necessary.
As a ‘water’ sport, you should plan to get a little wet if nothing more from handling the wet kayak to drops of water running down the kayak paddle on to your legs. Wearing shoes that can get wet may be a good idea, just in case you step in the water at the shoreline.

Rules and Practices for Boathouse and Boatyard Use

Amigos members in good standing who store boats in the boathouse (or yard) will be given a combination to the locks and are required to follow these Rules and Practices.

Responsibilities (of those with who have the combination)

  1. The two major responsibilities are:  a) security of the premises and contents, b) second, safety of users.  Access by way of the combination is for your use only. Do not share it with anyone.
  2.  Always lock the boathouse and boatyard when you leave.

Exception: unless you have a specific agreement with another member who stores his/her boat or an Amigos volunteer guide or coach who is on the premises and accepts that this responsibility has been passed to him/her. When in doubt, lock up.

      4. Fill out the LOG on the clip board in the boathouse for yourself and any others with you.

5. Report anything which appears to you to be out of place or questionable in the boathouse, boatyard, or with individuals on the   premises. Either call the information to Mike Lambert at 415 114-4882, his designate, or email: If in doubt, report it!

Please know that failure to follow these few responsibilities may result in withdrawal of access privileges. As a member who has access under these terms, you have a right to speak out your concerns.

Map of the Presa Allende

This map will will be hanging in the boathouse and may be taken with you while out on the Presa.

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