Amigos de la Presa is an association of dedicated kayaking guides whose goal is to merge the enjoyment of health and recreation with the spirit of conservation of the Presa Allende, our local reservoir, and the Rio Laja, the river system that feeds it. Our objective is to be attentive to the fragile needs of our environment, harmonize with nature and provide a source of recreation to our community. Through our varied kayaking programs, we offer our participants a boat-side portrayal of the importance of water stewardship, the preservation of wetlands and the wildlife it supports. Our frequent paddles serve as a constant reminder of how delicate the balance is between our ecosystem and the ever-growing demands for water, especially those from corporate farming. For many years we have monitored the Presa and our efforts to keep it clean are ongoing. We are engaged in frequent shoreline cleanups, removing unwanted plastics and bottles that have found their way into the watershed. By preserving the integrity of our environment, we have bettered the ecological balance and while receiving great satisfaction doing so. Moreover, the opportunity to achieve physical and mental fitness on a vigorous paddle is the reward your body craves. These are all directives of our founding commander, Mike Lambert, and they are now carried on by our current cast of committed guides.


Schedule an adventure with Amigos de la Presa and become one with nature! Capture that birds-eye view of our abundant fine feathered friends that only our kayak treks can offer. Flocks of herons, spoonbills and pelicans are out there waiting for you. It will be the journey of your lifetime, an experience not to be forgotten. Join us for a peaceful retreat, take in our panoramic vistas and enjoy unparalleled tranquility. Sign up for a daytime paddle or one of our popular and very dramatic sunset or romantic full moon events. You will be guaranteed the opportunity to feed your soul. Attain a healthy body and mind!