About Us

Amigos was founded on the basic principle that water is one of nature’s most precious resources and we, as citizens of the world, have a moral imperative to protect and conserve all bodies of water on earth.

The Presa Allende from almost its beginings has been neglected – a repository of untreated sewage and effluent as well as man’s castaways in the form of all manner of trash.

Perhaps as a testiment to the water’s own need to maintain a place in the eco-system, it is still alive and fighting for survival. Some species of fish, amphibians, and reptiles live in the water. Local fishermen in hand-made wooden boats cast their nets successfuly each day. Dozens of species of birds live in nest on the shores of the Presa and the Rio Laja which faithfully feeds the Presa.

Some people have recognized the natural beauty of the Presa and its potential as a fully viable body of water an have begun to develop homes near the shores of the Presa.

As people begin to face the Presa they see its condition and its possibilities and have begun to tackle the job clean-up. Government is passing and enforcing laws as well as constructing sewage treatment systems and ways to ameliorate contaminated run-off.

Groups of citizens concerned about water and wildlife are forming together to address the problems of the Presa. And it is with this intent that Amigos was founded. Working with government and other citizen groups, Amigos members are addressing a variety of environmental issues. Amigos members believe that by using the Presa for benign recreation such as rowing, canoeing, kayaking, and sailing we are raising the collective consciousness of people of the region. In this way we encourage their participation not only for enjoyment, but also to encourage their contributions to the Presa’s environmental sustainability.

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