It’s a pleasure to announce that Amigos and Audubon have decided to join forces. As two of the most actively involved environmental non-profits in the San Miguel de Allende and Rio Laja region, we have decided to unite our efforts as of February 1, 2015.

During a trial period of up to one year, Amigos will operate as a program of Audubon. I have taken a position on the Audubon Board of Directors as theAmigos Program Director.

“We have worked for several years as partners and we view this as an opportunity to streamline our overhead and administrative tasks so that we can put the greatest amount of energy toward our goals,” said April Gaydos, (president of Sociedad Audubon de Mexico) an​d ​I, in a joint statement.


​Some of the other benefits that we hope to realize through this convergence are the coordination of programs, increased opportunities for people to connect with nature through recreational outings, and combining memberships to create a stronger voice in protecting the environment.​.​

As many of you know, we have​ previously co-operated in many projects, including funding and organizing a series of surveys of water quality and pollution threats along the Arroyo las Cachinches and ​the Rio Laja, which flow into thePresa. Th​e report​, Community Water Action Plan,​  contains several recommendations for actions the municipality and others could take to increase the value of these ecological assets.

​Also, ​Amigos and Audubon have engaged ​many of you in an ongoing project to regularly observe these waterways and ​conduct​  water quality samples.

​Our two organizations also participate as members of a coalition working on water issues in the San Miguel de Allende municipality.

Amigos de la Presa will continue working on its objectives of enhancing the health of the Presa Allende, supporting steps to improve the quality of the reservoir’s water​, ​and its potential as an eco-tourism attraction and recreational asset for non-power boat users.  As far as our programming and objectives, everything will remain the same for Amigos.


Sociedad Audubon de Mexico, founded in 1967, conducts and supports a variety of projects and programs to improve our local environment.  “Our efforts are directed toward ensuring quality of life for birds, wildlife​,​ and people by promoting sustainable practices that conserve and enhance our natural settings and resources,” said Gaydos.

Both organizations recognize the importance of community involvement and environmental stewardship and engage young people and adults through educational programs and hands-on activities.

April and I believe that by combining the two organizations that we currently lead, more people will become aware of our local ecological needs through personal encounters with nature, such as birdwalks, kayaking, and sailing.

​We hope that you as members of Amigos will continue your active participation. Please watch for future emails describing opportunities to become card carrying members of Audubon!

Thank you.


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