Monday (12/14) at 11:00 AM: Paddle for fitness. This is an opportunity for those who wish to have a longer and nearly continuous paddle (about 2 hours). Best for experienced paddlers.

Wednesday (12/16) at 9:30 AM: Our regular Wednesday On-the-Water paddle for all skill levels.

Thursday (12/17) at 4:00 PM: Sunset Paddle – for all levels. (Feel free to bring your wine and cheese or other beverage).

Friday (12/18) at 10:00 AM: Walk the Presa Allende. See the Presa from the shoreline path while enjoying a two hour hike.

Sunday (12/20) at 9:30 AM: Kayak Two Church (De dos Iglesia Viaje)is an adventure paddle led by Mike McGinnis of about 10 miles/16km. with several stops for rest, lunch, and site-seeing. Bring an ample amount of water, light snacks, a bag lunch and sunscreen and plan on returning around 4:00 PM.

Sign Up or Reserve a Kayak via email: We will reserve a kayak for you on a first come-first-serve basis. Be sure to include your telephone number in the email. Kayaks are 150 pesos. If you plan on bringing your own kayak, please leave a message with your email and phone number at: so we can contact you if there are any last minute changes.


Many Amigos members have commented on the recent short piece that appeared in the Mexican News Daily, you can click here to read the article.:

One member asked what was happening with regard to water quality testing. While there is regular testing going on by SAPASMA and others, it is a known fact that the aquifer from which we draw our water continues to be over-exploited, and as such, will only become worse. I expressed my opinion to one Amigos member:

“We can test all we want and we will only learn that it is a bad situation getting worse. When citizens in the urban area become affected … directly from the tap … they may be motivated to take action or at least protest (or may not …especially if they believe that purchased bottle water is ‘safe’). This is, unfortunately, a situation that many of us who are concerned about water have known about since Dr. Ortega’s work was first done more than 10 years ago. Sometimes it seems like we would rather not acknowledge the problem, but rather continue on without this bad news influencing how we live. One day, we will not be able to avoid the issue. Most likely it will be late in the game (which may have been lost at that point) and very costly to fix. Continuing to draw down the aquifer unabated and unregulated will most certainly result in water unfit for human consumption.

The solution is complicated, but not impossible. The government is not likely to act without citizen pressure (besides which the government cannot do it alone). And citizens have been largely kept in the dark on this problem.

We feel that one of the first steps is to inform the public by conducting a citizen’s based water conservation campaign (which we’ve planned, but are hoping for a better reception than we received from the last administration). One of the aims of such a campaign is to raise awareness and to encourage at least some water conservation in local homes and businesses.

As citizens become aware (through positive actions) they become stakeholders and as such are more likely to bring pressure upon public officials to make or enforce laws that regulate how water is being used by the largest water users in the region.”

2015 Amigos Blanket Fund!


Last few days to donate Any Amount to the 2015 Amigos Blanket Fund! Cold weather is coming on and there are people around us who actually don’t have enough blankets to fend it off comfortably! We have extended the drive to December 17th so please act now if you have not already donated!

Here’s how and where you can donate:


Join us, on December 22! Meet at the boathouse at 9:30. We will prepare the blankets and distribute some by kayak and others by car. Please email us at: of your willingness to help.

If you know of any families in San Miguel with a special need for blankets, please let us know and we will arrange delivery! For example, some of the blankets will go to the annual drive to help families living at or near the city dumps with blankets. And, you can also support the blanket effort by signing up for Audubon’s annual SantaCon event taking place on December 19th.

A simple formula: Your donations = blankets in the home = less fire = less wood to gather = equals less LP gas to burn!