It’s a Real Simple Process – Just Contact Us!

Let’s take a look at what we can offer you, and then let’s find your area of interest!

  • You can enjoy kayaking, sailing, rowing, canoeing, hiking and biking.
  • Perhaps you have a boat and are interested in storage in the boathouse or boatyard?
  • Amigos depends on volunteers for much of what it does.  If you find an area of interest (below) just include it when you contact us.
  • Recreation:  Leading kayaking trips, teaching kayaking or sailing.
  • The Environment:  Shoreline Clean-up, Stream Observation and Water Quality Testing, Upstream Mitigation, Trail Building.
  • Social:  BBQ’s, Open Houses or Outreach/New Members
  • Facilities and Equipment:  Boathouse/Boatyard
  • Operations:  Committee or Task Force Leadership, Web Page/Social Media or Office Support
Just let us know your area of interest in the email that you send us on the contact form.


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