Amigos de la Presa prides itself in its concern for our fragile ecosystem. Let’s face it. Almost anything one can possibly imagine does end up on our beaches. In particular, glass and plastic bottles and caps, plastic silverware, discarded chips bags and a surprisingly large amount of size nine sneakers make their way downstream, all ending up on our shores. Mix in a couple of tires and we have a rather unsightly problem. So, what do we do about it? We have embraced garbage pickups, that’s what! Amigos is frequently involved with other partners and communities in shoreline pickups. We are not just reserved to cleanups in the area of our boathouse. Many times we have joined forces with other organizations as well as city groups to carry out major shoreline cleanups at distant corners on the Presa. The towns of Pantoja and Flores de Begonia were the locations of recent cleanups. Call us if you have interest in lending a hand. We can use either a right or a left hand.

Amigos also saw the need to keep the area close to our boathouse clean. So, we purchased garbage cans which now line our shoreline near Otomi. Now, in conjunction with the city, this area has shown a marked improvement and the results have shown sustainability. Yea team…

Amigos has also been involved with other groups that support conservation of our ecosystem, particularly with organizations that promote new programs to better manage our water.