The day of the paddle will certainly bring questions to mind. So, here are a few answers to frequently answered questions:

  1. Reserve your spot on our website calendar.
  2. Make certain to give us your contact information in case of cancellations.Also, please make sure to cancel if you plan not to show up. Our guides are non-paid enthusiasts, but might not be happy about no-shows. Be prompt.
  3. Transportation will be up to you unless you make special arrangements with us. Directions are on the contact page.
  4. Weather is not usually a problem. However, in case of questionable weather, we occasionally must give in to Mother Nature. That is why it is imperative that we have your contact numbers in case of a late need to cancel.
  5. During winter it is cool in the mornings so be prepared with layers of clothing. Loose fitting clothes are most comfortable. Hiking clothing is ideal. Also, the sun can be bright so wear a hat and bring sunscreen. Shoes that can get wet are ideal. Aqua shoes, better yet.
  6. Much of the year is warm here in San Miguel, even hot, so be prepared with layered, lightweight clothing. 
  7. Wind may be an issue on paddle day. The guides will assess the conditions before going out on the water. Be cognizant of the need for last minute changes in schedules. Once again, provide contact information in case we need to cancel last minute the morning of the paddle. 
  8. Bring a bottle of water and a snack or a lunch for longer paddles.
  9. Paddles generally start at 9:00 a.m. but may vary slightly due to seasonal changes. Night and afternoon sessions start according to sunset times. Keep your eyes open for current information. Most day paddles will start at 9:00 a.m. and end by early afternoon unless the group requests a longer day.
  10. Boats, paddles and life jackets will be dispensed at the boathouse. They are required to be on the boat or person for all paddles.
  11. The distance from boathouse to the launch-point will vary according   to the season. Be prepared to share carrying kayaks to the water. We do this in pairs. Two boats per couple. If they are too heavy, we will handle it.
  12. All kayaks are stable and suitable for beginner recreation. We have a limited selection of more advanced boats that may be available to more advanced kayakers.
  13. Lessons for first timers can and do occur on the morning of the paddle. If you are a first timer, we will get you up to speed. Those who have paddled before you may wish for a brush-up. The guides are happy to oblige. We will also be giving advice on improving your kayaking technique as we make observations during the paddle.
  14. Is kayaking safe? Well, the only hair-raising experience I can recall was the day one of our guides arrived at the boat house with a fully-waxed mohawk. In truth, kayak can very safe if we all follow the instructions of the guides. The boats we offer are very stable. Just the same, we always need to follow the guidelines that will be discussed before any paddle. Also, each boat has a life jacket.