2015 Amigos blanket fund!


Cold weather is coming on… And there are people around us who actually don’t have enough blankets to fend it off comfortably! So we are collecting money to buy blankets that we will distribute on December 22.

1. La Conexion – Audubon mailbox 18ma – Audubon mailbox 18ma (Mark envelop  ‘Amigos Blanket’)

2. Audubon office at Casa Colectiva 10 am – 2 pm, or call Mila at 415 111.4518 or: audubonmexico@gmail.com

3. De Temporada Farm Restaurant or call Iliana at 415 151.0673 or email: ilianachristina@gmail.com

4 Puente de Santa Teresa #31, Fracc. La Cañada or call Graham at 415-101-2207 or email: gansadrift@gmail.com .

5. Huertas 7, between Recreo and Barranca, (around corner from bull ring) or, call Susie or Eleanor at 152 4544

6. For any other convenient arrangement, call Mark at 154-4770 or email: markvclawson@gmail.com

Or if you are away, but wish to donate you can pledge any amount by emailing Mike at presaamigos@gmail.com

Please try to make your donation or pledge before December 15 so we can plan on how many blankets we can buy!

And if you have any time and are willing to join us, on December 22, please join us! Meet at the boathouse at 9:30.

We will be preparing the blankets and distributing some to the Don Juan community by kayak and other communities by car. Please email us at: presaamigos@gmail.com of your willingness to help.

Finally, if you know of any families in San Miguel with a special need for blankets, please let us know and we will arrange delivery! For example, some of the blankets will go to the annual drive to help families living at or near the city dumps with blankets.

You can also support the blanket effort by signing up for Audubon’s annual SantaCon event taking place on December 19th.

A simple formula: Your donations = blankets in the home = less fire = less wood to gather = equals less LP gas to burn!