Healing Our Troubled Water

A Ceremony in the Mayan Tradition – October 8th 6 P.M.

To celebrate the return of the water to the Presa Allende, to reconnect with water, our commitment to conservation, and our own being, Amigos de la Presa is sponsoring a Mayan Healing Ceremony on October 8, 2016, beginning at 6 p.m.  The ceremony will commence on the shore of the Presa near the Amigos boathouse, and then move to the water, before returning to shore for a bonfire.

All Amigos members and friends are encouraged to attend in order to make a strong intention. For those who do not wish to kayak, or are unable to reserve a kayak due to limited numbers, there will be information on how to continue participating in the ceremony from the shore.

The ceremony will be conducted by Azenet Macedo, a San Miguel resident, who is a healer in the Mayan-Quiche, Shuar and Northern Lakota Indians’ traditions.  She is well known for her Mayan healing massage programs at LifePath.

Attendees are encouraged to wear white or light-colored clothing and a red paliacate (bandana) on their head.  We expect the ceremony to be concluded and kayaks returned to the boat house by 8:30.  A donation of 100 pesos for the ceremony is suggested.

Kayaks are available for rental on a first come-first serve basis for 150 pesos each:: Click here to reserve a spot and let us know how many people there will be. 

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