Mission Statement


The mission of Amigos de la Presa Allende is to promote the continued improvement of the quality of the water of the Presa by encouraging beneficial practices and recreational uses of the Presa Allende.

Among the goals of Amigos de la Presa, we seek to:

* Advocate for the passage and enforcement of laws and regulations that promote the improvement of the quality of the water, permit beneficial uses and practices, and disallow harmful uses.

* Periodically monitor the water quality of the Presa

* Form mutually supportive alliances with other groups and organizations involved in water quality efforts

* Involve youth in recreational boating including the building of boats as a means of health, physical, and mental fitness

* Promote eco-tourism activities and fishing

* Facilitate public education, with a focus on youth, around topics related to the Presa, such as its history and environmental qualities

* Through recreational activities, engage the public in environmental pursuits that promote the improvement of the water quality of the Presa

* Promote the recreational use of the Presa Allende by the use of non-motor boats such as rowboats, sailboats, kayaks, and canoes, among others, to promote the physical development and the quality of life for the people of the area

* Promote scientific projects related to the development of technologies that permit the conservation of the water quality, and the local eco-systems

* Promote outdoor activities to enhance the visual panoramic richness of the Presa Allende


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