Amigos de le Presa’s wide array of paddles will interest all levels of kayakers. We make things interesting with treks designed to challenge even the most devoted fitness advocates. Just bring an energy bar and a bottle of water. Others feature our wide varieties of birdlife including plentiful egrets, herons, pelicans and cormorants while, seasonally, we spot the occasional assembly of ibis, roseate spoonbills and wood-storks. Likewise, don’t be surprised to witness submerged ruins such as our delightful “sunken church.” Depending on the water depth, be prepared to paddle over, under, around or through this scenic wonder. For those interested in photography, we offer sunset paddles that focus on the mesmerizing effects of our warm afternoon high-desert light. The interplay of light and shadow will be certain to delight any shutterbug. For the romantic at heart, join our occasional full-moon paddles. You will return amorously charmed in wait of the next full moon. If you aren’t smiling yet, call us with your own proposal. We aim to please.  



Wednesday on the Water is our long-established midweek paddle. We understand that Hump Day was designed to get folks through the week. So, every Miércoles we get out on the Presa and point our kayaks in the direction of your choice. If you wish to birdwatch, we will flock to Bird Island to observe the spectacular breeding season, a truly National Geographic moment. Or, we may choose to paddle up the Rio Laja passing through wooded wetlands replete with blue herons or, possibly, through the remains of last year’s cornstalks. As you may have guessed, this is a bit our desert jungle cruise. It will put a smile on your face. We can offer instructions too.


The Sunday Long Paddle was created to mix a seriously good physical workout with an odds-on visit to a shoreline ruin or two. If the water is high, expect to paddle southbound under a partially collapsed aqueduct on route to the “Sunken Church”. Or, if your compass points north, head up-river to visit the partially collapsed bridge spanning the Rio Laja. Either way, if viewing collapsing ruins is your thing, you’re in luck. Just be sure to pack a hardy lunch so you can drop anchor, dine al fresco, gaze at the rubble while pondering the construction skills of Aztec stone masons. We might also enjoy some birdwatching along the way. Good to go?


This one is designed for the admirers of light. Think Ansel Adams on donkey-back, ambling through the Mexican Highlands, toting his view camera, tripod and gobs of film in hopes of taking that once-in-a-lifetime, killer shot. We will do the same, only in a boat. Opportunity besets you! Just leave the tripod at home. Our high-desert sunsets are a treat for the senses. Certainly, you will be granted the opportunity to add to your portfolio and, as of today, no two light shows have ever been the same. So, get your creative juices flowing! This paddle starts in the late afternoon with a fast pace. Ya gotta get that work-out in early because a couple of hours later, everything shifts to slow-down mode. Now, it’s “Golden Time.” Engage yourself in this quickly changing light. Check out the falling sun, the quickly changing light and the dramatic shadows it creates. Feel the warmth of this day’s fading sunset. Of course, all this can be captured with your camera from the edge of your kayak.


The full Moon Paddle is a tad like Valentine’s Day in a boat. Bring that special amigo(a) and watch the sun fall in the west while the moon rises in the east. If it is clear, the light from the moon will shimmer across the lake creating a spectacle like none other. This is not a long paddle, rather it is about enjoying the moment, especially with that significant other. Think ahead. Do a bit of pre-planning. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring out a heart-shaped piece of chocolate. A little surprise for your partner? Si! Don’t hold back. Get all the senses going on this romantic evening. Life’s great, eh?


If you have not found that perfect paddle from our list of many, feel free to enquire about a journey customized to your desires. These can be scheduled most anytime during the week. Contact us!


We have a limited amount of privately-owned rowing shells at the boathouse. There may be the opportunity for lessons depending on the availability of guides trained in this speciality. Inquire with us.



Amigos de la Presa prides itself in its concern for our fragile ecosystem. Let’s face it. Almost anything one can possibly imagine does end up on our beaches. In particular, glass and plastic bottles and caps, plastic silverware, discarded chips bags and a surprisingly large amount of size nine sneakers make their way downstream, all ending up on our shores. Mix in a couple of tires and we have a rather unsightly problem. So, what do we do about it? We have embraced garbage pickups, that’s what! Amigos is frequently involved with other partners and communities in shoreline pickups. We are not just reserved to cleanups in the area of our boathouse. Many times we have joined forces with other organizations as well as city groups to carry out major shoreline cleanups at distant corners on the Presa.  

Amigos also saw the need to keep the area close to our boathouse clean. So, we purchased garbage cans which now line our shoreline near Otomi. Now, in conjunction with the city, this area has shown a marked improvement and the results have shown sustainability. Yea team…

Amigos has also been involved with other groups that support conservation of our ecosystem, particularly with organizations that promote new programs to better manage our water.

In other activities this year its partners, Amigos de la Presa and partners joined together to offer holiday gift bags to the children of Pantoja and Flores de Begonia. It was a gratifying experience to see the smiles on their faces this Three King’ Day.