September Events Calendar


2 Wed – 9:30am Kayaking Lessons – see below*

7 Mon – 7:30am Early Morning Paddle – see below*

9 Wed – 9:30am Wednesday On-the-Water *

13 Sun – 7:00pm New Moon Solar Eclipse – see below*

14 Mon 7:30am Early Morning Paddle – see below*

15 Tues – 8:00am Introduction to Rowing – see below

16 Wed – 6:30pm Wednesday On-the-Water *

17 Thur – 7:00pm Artist’s Light Photo Paddle – see below*

18 Fri – 9:30am Stand Up Paddling Instructions – see below???

19 Sat – 8:30am Long Distance Paddle – see below*

21 Mon – 9:30am Stand Up Paddling Instructions – see below

22 Tues – 8:00am Introduction to Rowing – see below

23 Wed – 9:30am Wednesday On-the-Water *

25 Fri – 8:00am Audubon Birdwatching Paddle – see below*

26 Sat – 9:00am Shoreline Clean-up – see below

27 Sun – 7:00pm Super Full Moon Paddle – see below

28 Mon – 7:30am Early Morning Paddle – see below*

30 Wed – 9:30am Wednesday On-the-Water *

* To sign up for the paddle or to reserve a kayak, email: We will

reserve a kayak for you on a first come-first-serve basis. Be sure to include your telephone

number in the email. Kayaks are 150 pesos.

Wednesdays on the Water and Lessons

This is once a week… in the morning or in the evening, Amigos offers and ‘open’ paddle. These paddles are designed for kayakers of all skill levels. Beginners are encouraged to sign up for lessons on the first Wednesday of the month. Lessons are given for those interested in learning some basic techniques which will enhance your paddling experience.

Long Distance Paddle

This is an opportunity for experienced paddlers to get an extended time on the water with increased physical involvement. We will paddle a distance of about 12 miles (for example, to the dam or steeple and back). Mike McGinnis will lead this adventurous paddle. Bring an ample amount of water, a light snack, and sun screen as may be required. See above * for kayak reservations.

Early Morning Paddle

This is an opportunity to experience the beauty of the early morning on the water – the special first light of the day when the water is at its calmest and the trees and surrounding sky are filled with waterfowl coming alive for the new day. It could be clear or foggy and usually with a bit of a snap in the air. Be among those few who have had this unique SMA experience! These trips are lead by Iliana (of de Temporada Restaurant fame) who always has her camera to capture those very special shots. See above * for kayak reservations.

Introduction to Rowing

Some onlookers have said that to watch a single scull gliding across still water is a picture of effortless beauty! As any rower will admit there is a magic to it and it can be nearly effortless … or it could be the best workout you have ever had! (Rowing rates second only to cross country skiing as far as muscular and aerobic involvement is oncerned!)

 Mike Lambert will lead this class which is designed to give a newcomer to rowing the basics of how to row … a bit of a taste. (If you like it, it is recommended that you sign up for a few more lessons!) The introductory lesson is free – scull rental is 150p per outing.

New Moon, Solar Eclipse paddle

Eclipses are a great time to release old patterns or limitations and set new intentions for the next earth cycle. We will create a simple ritual to release the old and welcome in the new. Bring a flower, leaf, or other object to put into the water symbolizing whatever you are relinquishing and a small rock or crystal to hold your fresh intentions (this you will keep). Bring an open heart and a willingness to be touched by the natural environment. Kristina Rogers L.Ac., will lead us in ceremony. Kristina is an acupuncturist of 32 years, loves to work with earth cycles. She still practices acupuncture, teaches, travels, and offers ritual with the intention of bringing greater aliveness and well-being to all. See above * for kayak reservations.

Artist’s Light Photo Paddle

The best time of day to take photographs is what is known as “Artist’s Light” – the last hour of light before darkness. It is when the light is at it’s richest, warmest and most incandescent. It’s when artists love to paint and photographers love to shoot.

Photographs on the water at this time of day are especially wonderful. Led by Bruce Janklow, a very experienced landscape photographer, we will seek out the best spots to get the best shots of birds, water and land. For those interested in improving their photography we will discuss composition, lighting, various techniques, camera settings and more. Our kayaks are very stable so the safety of your equipment is of little concern. See above * for kayak reservations.

Super Full Moon Paddle

A super moon is the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, resulting in the largest apparent size of the lunar disk as seen from Earth. Take a flashlight and extra clothing as the temperatures drop with the sunset. See above * for kayak reservations.

Stand Up Paddling Instructions

If you haven’t tried SUP you are missing a fantastic experience on the Presa! First question coming from people new to SUP: what happens if I fall in? Don’t worry … with excellent instructions and very stable (wide and long) boards, you are highly unlikely to fall in. But, if you do: 1) you are wearing a life vest so you won’t sink, and 2) ALL of our tests have shown that the water in the Presa is safe for recreational boating!

So, don’t hesitate … try this popular and growing sport. Lead by Leyla Morris who has over 8 years SUP experience and four years giving instruction. (She and her husband operate Stand Up Paddle Mexico and own shops in three locations!) Boards provided at 150 pesos.

Birdwatching Paddle

With Audubon bird guide, Luke Rich, we’ll head out to the Presa to view pelicans, ducks, egrets and other wading birds and then paddle up the Rio Laja channel to spot warblers, orioles, wrens, woodpeckers, black-capped night herons and kingfishers in the trees, plus airborne or perched vultures and cormorants. We’ll keep an eye out for blue herons, hawks, and caracara too. See above * for kayak reservations.

Shoreline Clean-up!

This is our monthly clean-up. We focus on the area that we use the most including the boatyard. It only takes one and a half to two hours! Please join us …many hands make the work light.Wear gloves, bring a plastic bag, and various yard tools if you have them – clippers, rake, clean up the boatyard — please show up to give a couple hours. Remember, we all benefit from a clean shoreline!

Guests in Town?

Have guests in town? Birthday or anniversary? Or, you just want to gather a group of friends for something really different? Arrange a ‘whenever’ paddle! All we need is: 1.a three day in advance notice, 2. minimum of four (maximum of 12), 3. 200 pesos per kayak Email: