Amigos de la Presa has been kayaking out of Pantoja due

to the water level. If you are interested, send a request

to and we will

respond with details. 


Monthly Paddles for March



Amigos de La Presa is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. We’d love to share the experience of La Presa with you. Each month we have several scheduled kayaking events, we also offer sailing and rowing (by appointment).

If you’re interested in a date that is not listed we would be glad to accommodate.

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 Reservations for non-scheduled days must be made at least three days advance (time for us to have a guide available) with a minimum of four people (maximum 15). Kayak rentals for non-scheduled paddles are 300 pesos per person.

Click Here for the link to the Whenever Paddle

Every scheduled paddle requires a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 15.
 Kayak rentals are 200 pesos each. If less than 3 people sign up, the scheduled event may be postponed (you will be notified if that is the case). 

Members of Audubon pay only 150 Pesos for Kayak Rental

(Just let us know of your membership when you pick up your kayak)

You can make a reservation by clicking on the scheduled events shown below, this will take you to the Events Calendar where you can search the month and day that is the best day for you.

Just double-click on the day that you want to reserve a kayak and there will be a full description of the event and a link to reserve your kayak. Please include your email and a phone number and in the message section indicate the event name and the date you plan to attend.

Environmental Stewardship

Amigos uses its recreational events, namely kayaking, rowing, sailing, hiking, and biking, as a way to bring people to the water to experience the opportunities of the Presa Allende and Rio Laja. In this way, Amigos draws attention to the environmental challenges of these waters and seeks to involve the community in a variety of water-related projects that aim to improve conditions.


Become a Member

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Amigos de la Presa

The Boathouse

Map of the Presa Allende Rules and Practices for the Boathouse 

Environmental Awareness and Action

Click to See – Community Water Action Plan SMA 9-20-2014


The quality of water is of primary importance for all.

Inadequate wastewater treatment is the primary problem. All wastewater used in agricultural irrigation should be treated.

Citizen’s Observation Survey

Monitoring surveys can provide good information on the location and types of  water contaminants. The need for good management practices is essential.


Listening to farmer’s concerns and planning feasible treatment solutions with market incentives can increase farmer’s income.

Amigos de la Presa – San Miguel de Allende


A Beautiful Setting

Enjoy a beautiful body of water. Many come to San Miguel de Allende and never even know about the Presa Allende.


Don't Own a Boat? No Problem!

Amigos offers many weekly opportunities for people who don’t own their own boat to enjoy the Presa … be it for an early morning sunrise or and evening sunset. We even have kayaking under the full moon.


Own a Boat?

And if you own your own kayak, canoe, sailboat, or shell and want to store it near the water, Amigos has boat storage space as well as boatyard space for your boat!


Beyond Recreation

Amigos members are involved in a variety of environmental projects … from as easy as doing a monthly shoreline cleanup to conducting studies of the water problems and analyzing how these problems can best be fixed to working to assure that the environmental goals and objectives are actually met.

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